Kamil "CamKam" Janowski

Since I was young kid I have always been interested in knowing how things were done. With my interest in film and music I was drawn more into what was happening behind stage and camera more than in front.

On stage and in front of the camera is a like a theater stage, which is super interesting as well. But, what happens in between takes; why are there so many people running around behind the camera; what are all these people doing; what happens after the band gets off the stage; what happens off stage.

Back in 1998, armed with my camera, I had the chance in finally getting some answers to my questions. I shot my first band, ‘Sons of Cyrus’. That was a great start to an amazing and crazy journey around the world meeting bands, working with them, traveling with them and following them through dark and light.

So many great people, some of them now great friends, hard work, tears, sweat, laughter... For me live music is everything, but musicians off stage is where you meet the real characters behind their "on stage masks".

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