Kamil "CamKam" Janowski

Kam is an experienced Film Gaffer and Portrait Photographer. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but his work has taken him to countries and locations far away from the safety of the Scandinavian lakes and hills. 

Kam lives out of his suitcase and is always ready to move on to next project and next adventure, any time and any day. He is hardworking and will always deliver high quality results within deadlines. Give him any challenge, as crazy as the challenge might sound, he will probably do it.

Pic: Samuel Westergren (wepix)

UFO Sweden
Feature, "UFO Sweden" (Crazy Pictures). Norrköping 2021/2022
Från trakten
TV Series, "Från Trakten" (StoryOne). Stockholm/Sunne 2022
Feature, "Bullets" (Thin Skin Films). Stockholm 2021
Partisan (s.2)
TV Series, "Partisan" s.2 (Warner Bros.). Stockholm/Ekerö 2021
Snälla Kriminella
Feature, "Snälla Kriminella" (StoryOne). Stockholm 2020
Fear of the Woods
Feature pilot, "Fear of the Woods. the Beginning" (Paar Productions). Ottsjö 2019
Trex (s.1-3)
TV series, "Trex" (SVT). Stockholm 2019
That is Mahalakshmi
Feature, "That Is Mahalakshmi" (Mediente Production). India/Greece 2018
We Hunt Giants
Short, "We Hunt Giants" (Paar Productions). Tyrösta 2022

FILM & TV (a selection...)

COMMERCIALS (a selection...)

MUSIC VIDEOS (a selection...)

  • Molly Hammar "All my friends" (Island Records). Henrik Hanson Film, Saltsjö-boo 2023 - Gaffer
  • Boy Destroy "Self Immolation" (Warner Music). Warner Music Sweden, Stockholm 2022 - Gaffer
  • Ehrling "Kids on the run" (Universal Music). BleckOut, Sorunda 2021 - Gaffer
  • Hov1 "Barn av vår tid" (Universal Music). Madbunny Film, Stockholm 2021 - Gaffer
  • Tribulation "Funeral Pyre" (Century Media Records). Artax Film, Stockholm/Harbo 2021 - Gaffer
  • Tjuvjakt "Dunder" (Universal Music). Universal Music, Stockholm 2020 - Gaffer
  • ODZ "Jag fakking hatar er". Romantic Synergy, Stockholm 2020 - Gaffer
  • Sabina Ddumba "Conversation" (Warner Music Sweden). Tunström/Pars, Stockholm 2019 - Gaffer
  • Winona Oak "Break My Broken Heart" (Atlantic Records). Naive Society, Stockholm 2019 - Gaffer
  • Reyn "Cartier" (NBL Sound). Gade18, Malmö 2018 - Gaffer
  • Pablo Paz ft. Linda Pira & Cherrie "Säg till mig" (NBL Sound). Mohave Media, Malmö 2017 - Gaffer
  • The Soul Exchange "Vow of Seth" (Pride & Joy Music). Najka Pictures, Vaxholm 2017 - Gaffer
  • Fever Ray "Wanna Sip" (Rabid Records). HER Film, Stockholm 2017 - Gaffer
  • Dolly Style "Moonlight" (Universal Music). Sharpshooter, Lidingö 2017 - Gaffer

OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY (a selection...)

  • Album cover, The Blue Ruin - "Back to plan B". Stockholm, May 2018 - Photographer
  • Press & Album Promo, The Soul Exchange - "Vow of Seth" (Mervilton Records LLC). Stockholm, August 2017 - Photographer
  • Album & Promo, Sundus Abdulghani & Trunk (Kozmik Artifactz Records). Stockholm, July 2016 - Photographer
  • Album & Promo, The Soul Exchange - "Bloodbound" (Mervilton Records LLC). Stockholm, May 2016 - Photographer
  • Album cover, Our Untold Story - "My Dreams, My Rules" (XJT Music). Stockholm, May 2016 - Photographer, Design
  • Single cover, Our Untold Story - "Go For Broke" (XJT Music). Stockholm, January 2016 - Photographer, Design
  • Album & Promo, Insision - "Terminal Reckoning" (Sevared Records). Stockholm, January 2015 - Photographer
  • Album cover, The Blue Ruin - "Holy Moly Matrimony". Stockholm, December 2014 - Photographer
  • Album & Promo, NeonFly - "Strangers In Paradise" (Inner Wound Records). London, August 2014 - Photographer
  • Album & Promo, NeonFly - "Outshine the Sun" (Rising Records). London, October 2011 - Photographer
  • Album cover, Trenton & Free Radical - "Sunless Sundays" (Monumental Management). London, October 2009 - Photographer
  • Album cover, The Furies - "Money" (Monumental Management). London, February 2007 - Photographer

PUBLICATIONS (a selection...)

  • Books: Satans Demokrati (Sweden). Yksi Miljoonista, Otava Publishing Company Ltd (Finland). Latex Fashion Photography, Goliath Verlag GmbH (Germany).
  • Magazines: Attack, Edel AG (Germany). Design Alive Mag (Poland). Close-Up Magazine (Sweden). Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden). Fifi & the Frog (Sweden). Eloquence Magazine (South Korea). Et Alors? (Spain). Skin Two (UK). Pin-Up Perfection (US). Bizarre Magazine (UK). Nordic Tattoo Magazine (Norway).


  • "Arts in Still / Stills in Art". Studio Bee, Stockholm, February 2019
  • "Ordinary People". Hackney Stables, London, August 2010
  • "Mona Lisa". Hackney Stables, London, May 2010
  • "forty4". Candid Art Gallery, London, May 2003
  • "Flora". Vingen, Stockholm, February 2000
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